Having the largest plantation area of coconut trees, Indonesia still has a lot of potential to fulfill the rising demand of coconut and coconut products around the world. In the matter of quantity, Indonesia ranks first amongst the producing countries in the world, replacing Brazil since 2011. In the matter of quality, Indonesia has what it takes to give the best, from soil, climate, and all the necessities to grow this “tree of life”. This amazing plant has been one of Indonesian strategic commodities to be developed. It is very efficient for product diversification and it is also a main source for many household, especially in rural area. So, it promotes rural development, sustainable farming, and healthy consumers.

Nowadays, even though with huge domestic consumption, Indonesia is still one of the main player in the export market of coconut and
coconut products, just after Philippines.

Intercoconut Indonesia,  are a growing agriculture product exporter in Indonesia. We specialize in exporting semi husked coconut, coconut briquette charcoal and copra. We are committed to exporting good quality products to satisfy our customer demands.

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intercoconutindonesia, semi husked coconut, indonesia, coconut
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